Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*This pic is from last year..my hair has grown so much since(time flies).Oh Hair is not that Intense! Everyone should feel free2do what they like:)*

So many ladies in South Africa wear their HAIR short..its the same in Kenya. I even shaved my hair last year(as the pic shows above)..so i was surprised at the hype there was surrounding these ladies shaving theirs.. I say BIG UP on being an individual in anything you do!!

I guess its the culture of a place.. i know in South Africa, people have all different hairstyles from short to long, real or fake. I really dig that about SA you can do wateva you want to your hair :)
*Embracing diversity is a beautiful thing! And no-one should feel the need to conform! Yeyi!

*Enjoy life coz you live ONCE!!!*

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Kat said...

i didn't know solange shaved her her, now she really looks interesting instead of some kind of a copy.

-L said...

I love short hair! I could never cut mine that short, but it totally rocks from the pics shown!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I, too, didn't know that Solange shaved her head until today as well. I saw some pictures on the theybf.com that debuted the hair at an event somewhere overseas. It wasn't clear to me in the pictures right away that she had shaved her head but once I realized, I must admit, I was shocked -- and then annoyed. I can't help but feel like the shaving among celebs is to grab attention. As long as I've known of this Amber Rose, she's been bald so, the Cassie, K Cole, etc... of the entertainment world...I'm not totally buying it. Still, it does take some major balls to go all the way so I have to give the props where they are due.