Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P 1958-2009

My favourite picture of the late and great Michael Jackson..We will continue to celebrate your life here on Earth, now that you are in a better place..xx :)

Michael Jackson..We thank you and We'll miss you..God has blessed us with an angel..*tears flooding*

*Our love for you is beyond description, our hearts bleed for you! We love you Michael!*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today the sun is shining! Yeyi! But thats everyday in Africa:) Feel like going out for lunch!*

Went for lunch at Florida Road in Durban
Wana go to golf..but Ted's not back yet *sigh*

Hook up with one of my girls. Ya, i guess i've always been social..

*Then go shopping for some shoes..will post photos soon!
Much love! Love Fashion xx

Back in 2006..Can you believe that animal prints are still in style!!

This is a photo of myself back in the day (2006).*Crazy how this style of animal prints is still in fashion..i guess Africa will always be in fashion..thats why i love my continent..x

African beauty..Model*AJUMA*

*Pics courtesy of The Fashion Spot(tfs)*

So glad to learn that Ajuma won the Fashion model of the year for the ARISE Africa Fashion Awards 2009..she's too gorgeous and fierce.. I can only imagine how people stare at her in aww at a shopping mall.. *drool*

I shmaak SA Blogs, sorted with

:)*I guess style has always been a passion of mine..LMAO! x

*I think some of us youngsters took Madonna too seriously with her song Vogue-"Strike a pose."

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Guess what?

*Starting a Couples Clothing Facebook Group which should be up by tomorrow. xx

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh! How they grow so fast..*x

Capition: Langa, Me, Zama

Its so incredible to witness girls become women..with these two gorgeous ladies thats exactly what has happened. Love you lots! xx

Loving life..and its dynamics

Planning on travelling my continent extensively for the different cultures&styles..will be a life changing need to save up.Will post updates on my mission for

Thursday, June 18, 2009


*I love the colour of these flowers..x
The reason i love my country South Africa..*sigh*

*Was still growing my fro*

*A night with all my close friends..lovely*

A day at the park..

I shmaak SA Blogs, sorted with

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turned 21 years 20 March life so far!*

*Bless..turning 21 years has been amazing, and with its challenges too..I realize that life is about living through God and most of all not setting any boundaries..but just

*Well this, many castings(acting)and varsity (tertiary..eish!), is what my life has been so far! I've learnt alot already and hope to do more in the 2nd half of the year! yeyi!* xx

Godly's a passion. Audi Fashion Week 2009 Sandton Convention Centre :)

I love clothes, for me personally its an expression a lifestyle, which is natural being a person from Africa...just is just such an incredible art!*Got this lovely photo from Robyn and she is an absolutely amazing blogger from South Africa. Met her at Audi Fashion week..she's amazing and so full of life! Check her dope blog! x loves it! :)

My Pre-New Years Party During the December Holidays..Amazing Fashion x



Holidays was so much fun..i actually xame to the conclusion that most of my fashion influences come from the weather in South africa and also from the African culures know my sister and i were just saying the other day how crazy beautiful the Ndebele houses are from the Ndebele tribe are...and how we just see that as some other home...but when you actually stop, look and think you realize how beautiful those homes are..and how accustomed you become to your beautiful surroundings and in Africa there's just plenty of that..wana actually show you guys an Ndebele house below so you can see for yourselves how breathe-taking these homes and art at its best..:)

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