Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Single "MNANDI" on Youtube.. Enjoy! HOUSE is my HEART!


My Self-Titled Album "NANDI" is officially available on iTunes SA!!

Ladies and Gentlemen... You can officially Buy my Debut Album "NANDI" on iTunes SA. Click on the Link below and Enjoy!


Stay Mnandi, Much Love Nandi!

My Top Billing Insert was lovely. Excited to perform all over the Globe soon :)

My Dream is to continue a legacy that so many artists/Dj's have done within the House Genre, and that is to make House Music accessible to all people, whether Middle Class or Working Class. So performing at the AfricaCom Awards, yet also performing at Soweto Summer Splash and having interviews on Shows such as Soweto TV, LiveAMP and Top Billing is truly a dream come true.

Music Should Unite ALL people. Im so excited for 2013, we have such (my team and I) amazing projects lined up for YOU guys..

First Project for 2013 is my V.I.D.E.OH!! Can't wait for the Video to drop :)

Stay Mnandi, Much love Nandi Africa and the world!