Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shooting an awesome insert for V-entertainment this week :)

Having the v-entertainment cameras around to cover my album and everything else happening around it! Should be Awesome.

Here's an insert I did with them earlier this year.. Enjoy! :)

God+Fashion+Music+TV= All things Mnandi <3 div="div">


I'll be back on your TV screens, as of next month! What a year 2012 has been! Feeling super Blessed.. an album and a TV show...

If you've followed my journey on this blog.. You have to believe this is Gods doing! He is Amazing!

Stay Mnandi, Much Love Nandi

My Debut Single titled "MNANDI" off my debut album "NANDI" Universal Music SA

Artist: Nandi Mngoma
Single: Mnandi
Debut Album: Nandi
Label: Universal Music SA
Genre: House Music

Click on the link below, to have a listen and enjoy!

Great Memories, DJ Franky ft Myself

A song and video that I will always hold dear to my heart.. It has over 210 000 views on Youtube!!! Crazy!Amazing!.. another one of those stories, where God was doing what he does best. Blessing his children.. And we are grateful :)


Photo: Myself and DJ Franky (at a Channel O shoot)

My Debut Album!! - NANDI (Universal Music SA)

My Debut Album NANDI is out from Today 28 September 2012. Make an order or buy a your Local Music Stores :). Its the beginning of a beautiful journey..
Thank You! Nandi X


PS: The Tracklisting for my album, makes up my name and surname ;)


New Beginning
No One Else
On This Earth
Made Different
A Legacy