Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost halfway through my 21st year..

So i'm halfway through this year of being a 21 year old, and i think its important for one to reflect on their life. For one i know i've grown alot this year positively and have really embraced the existence of God in my life..i think if you ever have a chance just to reflect and assess where you are in life and where you want to be, you should really do it .
Reaching your full potential in anything you do is so important, and i think alot of us are guilty of not doing so. We naturally get trapped in the limitations of this world, you know the other human beings who burp and fart just like you and me:)LOL(i've become a victim of this) and wait for things to happen or are too afraid to make them happen for themselves.
I say whats the harm in trying and so what if you're not dead, so keep on trying..i've noticed thats what makes true achievers, not being afraid to fail and get back up. I'm a law student so i know challenges, aspiring entertainer and child of God who honestly has had to
re-access my view of life.
Because i was such a control freak i always wanted things to happen now for me, which didn't always happen..and through that i learnt that i need to trust in my creator and realize that as long as i do my best, there's nothing i can regret.
So i want to thank the Lord for being with me and all of you in this wonderful concept called life! Enjoy it and GOD BLESS xx



Behind The Seams said...

you're a beauty! ;)

Jowy said...

r refelection on yalife is so beautiful and so are u!

One Love,

Nubiasnonsense said...

lol its good to take time and reflect, Nice blog

Yayemarie said...

Happy belated bday sista:)

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