Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For my 40th post i wanted to share my love for my sisters style! Love ya! x

My sister Langa has so much swag its ILLEGAL. She's always been a fashionista and she does so effortlessly. I know she's gonna kill me for posting a picture of her when she was 15 years old (she's now 18years old) but her style and beauty is always present regardless her age. You're my inspiration, keep rocking your frocks. And i love how you've always been rocking that beautiful AFRO!

This pic is of her when she was apart of a TV show called Famous! Yeah, she's the one with the fro! :)
And this pic from last year(2008) (L-R) is of Myself, My sister Langa(love her Zulu/modern inspired attire), Friend S'ne and khanya


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Nicole Young said...

Ncah too sweet bt i agree langa's style is the one very 'afrocentric' this is what makes her so unique!