Monday, August 16, 2010


This Year Has seriously been epic for me, as someone doing law and as a person who has a profound passion for the arts and the entertainment industry. Its strange but God has seriously been my manager (lol).  But its true! I listen to him and he lets me know what works and what doesn't, its been a riveting experience. So i've learnt that i'm about to experience something amazing. I've been testing the waters this year and enjoying the journey and now God is preparing me for great things. And I think now, and not before..But now having grown so much this year. I am ready*

Stay Mnandi, Much love Nandi. :)

Will keep you posted xx

I shmaak SA Blogs, sorted with Picture courtesy of Ubumnandi. Event was Pop Bottles at Max ( i know what you're thinking, so she FINALLY went to a party- Yes i dont go clubbing or to parties much. So when i do my friends make it a big deal.*lol.)


Normeygal said...

Keep up da gud spirit angel,our God s our leader,He s da way,truth n eternal lyf...js folw wherver hs leadn 2...UYOKUDLA OKUHLE KWEZWE!

I undrstand wen u dnt go clubng n thns wen u out...thy bcm al dat:)bt ts nature dat hw t s wt me 2...

KEEP SHYNING!!!rembr ur a Mantor!!!

Nandi said...

Thank You so much, i am humbled by your encouraging words.* We all need to keep the faith and help one another.

* Youe words seriously are beautifful and have touched me ina big way. So thank you, thank you and thank you again :) xx

Nelz! said...

you're awesome hey...reading ur stuff inspires those who were on the verge of giving up (aka me)!
God wil kp blessing u, the enemy never wins unles u giv up**

stay blessed

MHANQWA said...

You are truelly inspirational, motivational and a great vessel that God uses. Ngicela uqhubeke ubhala these inspirations sisi Nandi ngoba ziyasebenza emphakathini the society needs people like you. UNkulunkulu akubusise njalo andise ulwazi lwakho afeze namaphupho akho. I am really touched wish 2 c u inperson.

Nandi said...

Ngiyabonga Mhanqwa* Yeah, we all doing this together, thats living the best life possible. And the beauty of life is that we all get inspired by one another.

You must update me on your Life is a reviting experience. So live it, love it, Be it. :)

Thanks again