Monday, May 24, 2010

Live SABC 1 - Mzansi Fo Sho ;^)

So An amazing guy on facebook(will get his name) gave me the idea to post about my recent experiences being in the Top 4 for the Live Presenter Search, and i actually thought that was a brilliant idea! So The Live Presenter Search Finale ends this Friday. With them announcing the winner from South Africa's votes. Which is exciting, nerve wrecking, surreal and humbling. Sjoe! (*sidenote: I have mad respect for the ever so talented presenters of Live that being Bonang, Phila and Tbo Touch)

So this friday, i'll take as many pictures as possible and tell you all about my experiences! Should be FUN! So exciting, i know God's Grace will be with me and all the 3 other contestants, (one of them being my sister (not literally, but i've known since pre-primary Minnie!:) ) Its gonna be a JAM!*


I ask that you stay Mnandi, much love Nandi xxx


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Anonymous said...

Nandi, I think you're gonna be HUGE and not just a great ambassador for Durban, or South Africa, but Africa in its entirety..You're a law student?I am too and I am too and hope that I can also be as focused, determined and motivated as you..How did you come up with the idea of having a blog and what are your career goals bsides law?

Anonymous said...

Hey you *rocked* on Friday, all the best Nandi...god is great and I know you also believe in him!!

Stay Mnandi & Presh!!


Nandi said...

Thank u both for ur kind words..humbled. Anonymous 1- i thought of creating my own blog, frombeing addicted, still go to web rehad to Fashion Blogs. And i thought i should create my own blog, on my life ingeneral, and things i enjoy.* Rep. us Law students hard. lol!xx :)

Anonymous 2, thank u so much! God is great to all of us Menzi, love ur energy and positive vibe. Thank u again xx :)

*Stay Mnandi, Much Love Nandi*

Nandi said...

*Originally i wanted to start my blog in 2007, but ended up starting it in 2008 :)


Anonymous said...

live is the best

Anonymous said...

hey! guys your show rock but you are focusing too much around jozi,durban and cape town and you forgot about the small towns.

nyaradzo said...

its nyarie 4m zim u guys rock bt ey tis daes u onli show local and no international wats up ey,,,,,luv u all