Friday, January 29, 2010

Did a radio interview at Gagasi FM :)*

Early Saturday Morning, that was last week. Picked up my bestfriend S'ne so she could accompany me to my radio interview. Met up with the radio DJ's JD and Minenhle of Gagasi FM, and honestly had a blast! Their energy is addictive and the interview..bliss..Just chatted to them about my current projects. And it honestly injected more life in me, which i needed. So thanks guys! Twas Amazing! x

Here's some pics below, Hope you enjoy! x


Anonymous said...

nyc1 gal-frnd nyc pics n ja dats wher m looking 4ward 2b n working someday or yr cos of de luv i hav 4 radio sweety!! hy ur luck urself no nid 4 gudluck coz u r! lol (smiling).hav a fantabulous day

iamronel said...

great pics like it..:)

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Nandi said...

I Love love love ALL Your comments and appreciate them soo much!

Anonymous, i want to be able to say one day,that you are my fav.Radio Dj coz u will be.And thank Iamronel!

xx ;)